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How sound behaves in space

The difference between treated and untreated sound

Our perception of sound is a result of the interaction of multiple sound waves, that reflect over our environment, and interaction between sound waves themselves.

When we hear a sound in a room, the first wave that reaches you is the direct wave. As the name indicates, this wave has not interacted with the room, as it is directly from the emission source. Next, you will hear the first reflections, that normally only reflect once. We call this a first order reflection. Then, we perceive other reflections that are the result of numerous reflection from multiple surfaces. These reflection can be 2nd, 3rd or 4th orders, depending on the damping materials of the room.

The air velocity of sound is 344 m/s. The reflected waves travel a longer path, taking longer to reach the listener. This can create an echo effect, in which we perceive two distinct sounds, caused by a time distinction of over 80ms.

Reverberation time is our indicator of sound decay in the room. By definition, it’s the necessary time for sound energy to decrease by 60dB.

The acoustic quality of a space is dependant of various factors: It can be related to the homogeneousity and non-homogeneousity of the sound field, and the quantity of energy in the room. These factores are engineered in accordance with the purpose of the room.

At Artnovion we have many ways of improving acoustics. Absorption, where we remove energy from the room, reducing or eliminating reflections, or through diffusion, where we scatter incoming waves, distributing their energy over a larger area.

Experience below how different sound fields affect our day-to-day environments, indicated by their RT.

We recommend you use headphones to achieve the maximum effect.

Voice untreated a7d1b5f9aaa388b40d780667da1bef826197b2d7cbde2916b6ee3f80778cd195 VOICE 0.5S
Voice treated 3e8602e582e7d92a0a62bea95104aa1604982446373add79003a7153b130b1e2 VOICE 1.5S
Voice untreated a7d1b5f9aaa388b40d780667da1bef826197b2d7cbde2916b6ee3f80778cd195 VOICE 3S
Voice treated 3e8602e582e7d92a0a62bea95104aa1604982446373add79003a7153b130b1e2 VOICE 6S
Fall untreated 2c52087d972abc8798d98db7ce4c2fb13015785ea67826a8d23dbee7f5ace487 FALL 0.5S
Fall treated 0e1f8049dc06653c4cd5678783d72e012f80183d4573d67b9dad94b3fdc6cbfe FALL 1.5S
Fall untreated 2c52087d972abc8798d98db7ce4c2fb13015785ea67826a8d23dbee7f5ace487 FALL 3S
Fall treated 0e1f8049dc06653c4cd5678783d72e012f80183d4573d67b9dad94b3fdc6cbfe FALL 6S
Glass untreated 5826f2dffd5f08c2ae1fafb3633a06b694bbbb2dcf7161e04b16a9fee16e403e GLASS 0.5S
Glass treated 6778a50604e80ccfb6a4c531268806501e689162e64df54ba2a18fdadb28ca91 GLASS 1.5S
Glass untreated 5826f2dffd5f08c2ae1fafb3633a06b694bbbb2dcf7161e04b16a9fee16e403e GLASS 3S
Glass treated 6778a50604e80ccfb6a4c531268806501e689162e64df54ba2a18fdadb28ca91 GLASS 6S
Step untreated 1fe7278fea64be729decb98e3e7238e2104fa1d51957ef0a6b189e0da7c33539 STEPS 0.5S
Step treated 6ad3499a9a66e9e2c35b2d60af36e59b476a6df00abe5692fe813709b29e7422 STEPS 1.5S
Step untreated 1fe7278fea64be729decb98e3e7238e2104fa1d51957ef0a6b189e0da7c33539 STEPS 3S
Step treated 6ad3499a9a66e9e2c35b2d60af36e59b476a6df00abe5692fe813709b29e7422 STEPS 6S
Rehearsal untreated dfa7ff4a3383a2a7cb13eb4ea9f5a3c84db4b2690c2026fd95685504f45e58a3 UNTREATED
Rehearsal treated 29e04c4740cb2c9a6f84c6561d0e8797f36a897347c93c8856ded48ea95b1924 TREATED
Station untreated 876b2deac544842b3d30cffdf6ce2fe6d15dd28cb8f720e1a2ebdaa42a1b65e5 UNTREATED
Station treated 415e2ad04d884fea7c6d5f1486bf14aaf56484b56cef6eaf915877ac520ce1d7 TREATED
Coffee untreated 31d3de0e0036c1fdc82b94e293996efd691f7901b529789b0a69d2cde4101f55 UNTREATED
Coffee treated bbcddb95019b2dac0c8767530d03a43f5f05417677098dd208688f107c4ba4f9 TREATED
Office untreated 0e52d060a8bf928531e7d3502749f44b12071fc35dad929628269b9abb695a04 UNTREATED
Office treated fc24b0774698a7c77fced401954a885112307e169ed6f9bb415917e3199ceaad TREATED

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