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Impulso Acoustics App

High Accuracy Acoustic App Engineered by Artnovion

Available on App Store
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Additional Information

Impulso is a free app engineered by Artnovion that allows measuring room acoustics. It allows you to measure the acoustic response of your room using your iPhone.
You can view the reverberation time (RT) in octave bands and then simulate how the acoustic response of your room is improved when adding Artnovion acoustic products. You can also check the frequency response of your measurement. It is compatible with built-in or external microphones.
Impulso gives different results, adapted to the type of the room you’re testing (office, school, studio, etc). It is very important to achieve a precise result, that you insert the correct room dimensions and the type of room that you’re testing.
While measuring, there should be no background noise, otherwise it can interfere with the final results.
A selection of Artnovion products are available to choose from, with each corresponding performance specs and absorption coefficient. Simulate adding products, or a combination of products, through a simple drop-down menu.
Providing photos of the space helps us to provide more precise feedback on the acoustic measurement results, plus any extra information describing the materials used in the construction of the space.
The email sent to our staff is not a project request in itself - but instead a tool for us to better understand the acoustics of your room. If you want a project request for your room you should submit it here:
The Impulso app is available for IOS.
Impulso Pro is a paid version of Impulso App that provides a more in-depth analysis of rooms acoustics with metrics, ETC and frequency range. Impulso Pro is an upgraded version for professional use.

In the unfortunate event of a bug or error with the App, we kindly ask you to send it to


If you have any question please do not hesitate on consulting our FAQ page developed specifically for Impulso Acoustics.